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March 14th 2021 - Blockchain Traded Funds Launch - Press Release

About Us

Blockchain Traded Funds is a blockchain technology incubator specializing in the fields of med-tech, fintech, cybersecurity, and Artificial intelligence. We specialize in identifying new talent and leveraging our connections and financial network of investors in a way which benefits all sides.

Blockchain Traded Funds also specializes in tokenizing and games related to digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition we have a team of in-house developers working on trading automation protocols using Python, R, and CUDA. Through our business partnerships, we have also been able to help our partners monetize more effectively by providing processing solutions which integrate via Restful API.

Blockchain Traded Funds provides even more added value by taking a very hands-on approach and working with our partners and team in order to provide what we refer to as an “onboarding process” for any programmer wishing to enter ICO discussion and eventually have their coin “go public”.


Blockchain Traded Funds moves fast. In fact, we move so fast that the amount of projects we were able to complete during the past year surpassed our expectations in every way. This is primarily because we are focused on very specific tasks and clearly layout our business, marketing, and development roadmaps. As opposed to other companies, its the business side which sets the tone for technology and not the other way around. We have seen incredibly gifted individuals succumb to the will of tech teams, and instead of getting the work done, they ended up shutting down. We have learned from this and our programmers stick to programming.



Our team is managed by seasoned professionals from the Technology and Finance sector.

David Thessaloniki


Bryce Mason


Igor Petrovsky

Head Of Technology

Our Business Portfolio


Blockchain Traded Funds Research Material

Paris - December 2020

Blockchain Traded Funds has various publications listed and multiple patents pending. Our focus has shifted from Cybersecurity and Med-tech to blockchain software development. We are currently hiring Python and R developers with at least 5 years experience in coding.


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Birkirkara BKR 9037, Malta

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